Mapped to the Curriculum

Every audiobook on Cloudaloud is there for a reason.

We've curated our list to ensure that each title meets three criteria:

1. the sound and recording quality is great

2. it's appropriate for kids

3. it's educational, engaging, entertaining - or all three!

The Cloudaloud catalogue has been mapped to the UK curriculum, so subscribers can find stories that are perfect for their classroom, along with teachers' notes, activities, discussion guides, and more.

Our focus

In addition to mapping to the curriculum Key Stages, we've focused on three areas where we believe audio learning is profoundly beneficial: Reading for Pleasure, Empathy, and SEN.

Early Years Framework

The Early Reading Framework (ERF) is a non-statutory guidance document released by the Department for Education (DfE) which examines best practice in early reading, and how you can give children the best start in reading.  

It looks at core areas of reading: phonics, comprehension and reading for pleasure with evidence-based practical advice and guidance for schools.

“The very best schools in our country… recognise the importance of talk, of accurate assessment, and of building a love of stories and reading.” 

To develop a broad vocabulary and develop an enjoyment and comprehension of stories, children need to be given the opportunity to listen to stories and talk about them from the earliest stages. 

We believe that using Cloudaloud Education in the classroom can help children expand their vocabulary, develop empathy for others, build connections and the foundations for deep comprehension of text, and – crucially – establish a love of reading, which in turn leads to greater enthusiasm for reading and reading for pleasure.  

Subscribers receive:

Cloudaloud Education subscribers receive:

• A licence to access 1000s of audiobooks that can be used as a classroom and school digital library

• A Literacy Bundle of physical books: a collection of titles that correspond to audiobooks on the Cloudaloud app as a literacy support tool

• Access to additional resources, teachers’ notes, activities, and information mapped to the curriculum by Key Stage to help educators use audio in the classroom

• The first month free!

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