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We’re committed to working with education experts to develop a deep understanding of the national curriculum, the challenges faced by educators and students, and the ways in which audio can be harnessed in the school setting to:

• enrich the classroom experience
• enable children to engage with information and stories in new ways
• make teachers’ lives easier!

But using audio doesn’t mean forgoing physical books. Far from it!

Subscribers receive:

Cloudaloud Education subscribers receive:

• A licence to access 1000s of audiobooks that can be used as a classroom and school digital library

• A Literacy Bundle of physical books: a collection of titles that correspond to audiobooks on the Cloudaloud app as a literacy support tool

• Access to additional resources, teachers’ notes, activities, and information mapped to the curriculum by Key Stage to help educators use audio in the classroom

• The first month free!

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The Key Stages we support

Our Cloudaloud Education Resources focus on:

• Early Years Foundation Stage

• Key Stage 1

• Key Stage 2

• Key Stage 3

• Key Stage 4

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How to access our resources

• Fill out our short Licence Application Enquiry Form

• One of our team will get in touch with you to complete your application process

• You will receive a confirmation email

• You will then be able to log in to this website and access our Cloudaloud Resources Hub

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We'd like to give you a chance to sample some of our resources for free, so you can try them out within your classroom setting. These are just a small sample of the wealth of resources we have available to you if you subscribe to our Cloudaloud Education Licence.

The benefits of audio learning

In recent years, but especially since early 2020, children’s engagement with audiobooks has been the subject of several studies.

The National Literacy Trust’s research, particularly, shows that children in the UK are both benefitting from audio listening, and becoming more adept at enjoying the medium.

Audio provides a different way of learning, but one that kids love! Bringing audio into the classroom can improve more than literacy levels; after listening, children are more interested in reading, more inspired to write, and feel better.

“We believe any child who doesn’t like to read hasn’t met the right story yet. And we’d like to introduce them.”

Dr Katie Sparks, Cloudaloud CEO and Co-Founder

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