Cloudaloud Education

As children’s audio experts, we believe strongly in the ability of audio to increase children’s accessibility to and engagement with stories.

We also know that all children react to learning differently, experience different difficulties or barriers, and absorb and process information in diverse ways.

We’re committed to working with education experts to develop a deep understanding of the national curriculum, the challenges faced by educators and students, and the ways in which audio can be harnessed in the school setting to:

• enrich the classroom experience
• enable children to engage with information and stories in new ways
• make teachers’ lives easier!

But using audio doesn’t mean forgoing physical books. Far from it!

About us

Subscribers receive:

Cloudaloud Education subscribers receive:

• A licence to access 1000s of audiobooks that can be used as a classroom and school digital library

• A Literacy Bundle of physical books: a collection of titles that correspond to audiobooks on the Cloudaloud app as a literacy support tool

• Access to additional resources, teachers’ notes, activities, and information mapped to the curriculum by Key Stage to help educators use audio in the classroom

• The first month free!

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