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How is the audio licence for Cloudaloud Education different from the Cloudaloud subscription on the App Store or Google Play?

Cloudaloud Education is priced at a reduced rate versus our consumer app, to enable as many educational settings as possible to acces our catalogue as a classroom tool. Additionally, all the titles on Cloudaloud Education are included in the subscription, and not available for individual purchase, so that educators can be sure there are no barriers to children accessing titles. There’s also additional schools-exclusive content for Cloudaloud Education subscribers, such as phonics readers and audiobooks not included in the consumer Cloudaloud subscription. 

Why do I need to sign up via your sales team?

When you complete a brief form on our Subscribe page, one of our sales team will reach out to you to explain fully what the Cloudaloud Education licence has to offer, as well as pricing for the setting.  Since Cloudaloud Education is meant for use only in the classroom, we’ll ask for email addresses for any educator using it on site, so we can create their accounts. There’s no limit to the number of educator accounts Cloudaloud Education licence holders can have; if you have a teacher, assistant, or librarian at your school who wants to access the audio and resources, they can! All we need is their official school email address and we will set them up with an account that enables them to log in right away and get started!

I’ve forgotten my password. How can I log into the Resources Hub?

The password you use for the Cloudaloud app and the Resources Hub are the same. You can change or reset your account password from the app at any time. If you have any trouble, contact us and we will be able to reset it for you! 

Can schools provide access to their Cloudaloud Education licence for students at home?

Cloudaloud Education is designed to be used exclusively in educational settings as a classroom and library tool, so it’s currently not available for students to access at home. However, the Cloudaloud consumer app is available on Android and iOS, and is priced to be affordable.  

We’ll constantly be reviewing what we can do to ensure children have the access we need, so we enthusiastically welcome any feedback from Cloudaloud Education subscribers! 

Subscribers receive:

Cloudaloud Education subscribers receive:

• A licence to access 1000s of audiobooks that can be used as a classroom and school digital library

• A Literacy Bundle of physical books: a collection of titles that correspond to audiobooks on the Cloudaloud app as a literacy support tool

• Access to additional resources, teachers’ notes, activities, and information mapped to the curriculum by Key Stage to help educators use audio in the classroom

• The first month free!

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