A Summer Bingo Listening Challenge

A Summer Bingo Listening Challenge

by Olivia Pucella, Cloudaloud Assistant

Are you looking for new ways to prepare your little ones for school this autumn?

Well, look no further because Cloudaloud is currently running a Summer Bingo Listening Challenge!

To help them prepare for Reception – and get more comfortable with change generally – take part in this listening challenge as a class.

All you have to do is listen to at least 4 books - each from a different theme on the bingo sheet.

There are 24 themes, ranging from diversity and behaviour to using your voice and celebrating firsts. So, work together and fill out a complete line on the bingo calling card below:

Summer Bingo Listening Challenge - PDF

If you complete the challenge, send a picture of your bingo card with the list of books you read to competitions@cloudaloud-education.co.uk with the subject “Summer Listening Bingo,” and you’ll be entered to win a one-year subscription to the Cloudaloud app, as well as two sets of POGS Headphones and a Bluetooth speaker.

You have until 20:00 on 2 September 2022 to complete the challenge and send us an email with your proof. Winners will be announced a week later, on 9 September 2022.


To get you started, here are our top book suggestions:


LOUD! by Rose Robbins


Cloudaloud UK · Loud by Rose Robbins


This is a mainstream book that celebrates Special Needs - readers and families will identify with the protagonist who displays symptoms of ADHD, but with the right encouragement, ends up triumphing.

When Abigail can't concentrate in class, she gets bored and is naughty. But just when things are about to go wrong yet again, a teacher discovers exactly what to do to engage this little girl, and Abigail ends up finding a special voice of her very own.

Contains a fun song about expressing feelings and the importance of being understood.


Pip and Posy: The New Friend by Axel Scheffler


A funny story about making new friends. A great book for discussing friendship, jealousy and dealing with big feelings.

Pip and Posy are having a fun day at the seaside, collecting shells and digging the sand. But when Posy has a nap, Pip makes friends with a boy called Zac. Zac is very cool - he has lots of amazing toys AND he's really good at handstands. So, to her dismay, when Posy wakes up, she finds that Pip is more interested in playing with Zac than her.


We hope this selection will help you get started in your listening challenge this summer!

For more books on “getting ready for school,” have a look through the Cloudaloud app and keep an eye out for our social media accounts. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be spotlighting other great titles that will help you complete that bingo sheet!

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